Psychology Speaker: Dr. Nat T. Winston, Jr.

Dr.  Nat T. Winston, Jr. will be speaking at Cumberland University Tuesday, April 20th from 12:30pm until 1:30pm in Baird Chapel.   The talk is sponsored by PSI CHI and PSYCURIOUS.  Lunch will be provided.

  • Dr. Winston served as the first psychiatrist in East Tennessee
  • In 1961, he was credited with opening a new 150-bed psychiatric    hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • In 1991, he built a facility to house teenage sexual perpetrators, all of whom had been victims of childhood molestation.
  • He has also served as Commissioner of Mental Health for the State of Tennessee under two governors and is considered an authority in the treatment of childhood sexual molestation.
  • Dr. Winston shares his 51 years of experience of treating adult women in DEAR GOD: I HOPE YOU WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME AND FORGIVE ME: The Child Molested; the book features true stories of sexual abuse that many can relate to but are just too frightened to share.
  • Dr. Winston also co-wrote a song with Johnny Cash and was largely responsible for helping Cash end his addiction to amphetamines and barbiturates.
  • He also conducted a mental evaluation of James Earl Ray to evaluate his mental competence and ability to stand trial for the   assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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One Response to Psychology Speaker: Dr. Nat T. Winston, Jr.

  1. Ewing S. von Schmittou says:

    I had the distinct personal and professional leaure to work with “Dr. Nat” in the 1990s in a mental health setting in Nashville, Tennessee. I learned as much about human nature as I did the practice of Psychiatry. Once in a lifetime do influential people come along in one’s life – Dr. Winston was that one person for me. Dr. Ewing von Schmittou, Christian Counselor.

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